Development of a special, qualified production technology for new, linear iron cores
Innovative research-development of the production technology and qualification of new, special iron cores of extended linearity

The purpose of the project is to realise a complex vertical production scope, starting from materials science research up to the development of the prototypes of semi-plant manufacturing equipment, as well as the development of technologies and new product prototypes.


Name of beneficiary: Metalloexpert Szolgáltató Kft.

The amount of subsidy rounded to million or billion:317 millió Ft

Extent of subsidy (%-ban) 62,49%

Planned completion date of the project: December 31, 2018

Identification number of the project: KFI_16-1-2016-0079 


As a result of the research-development activities of the project we expect the achievement of the following new materials science results:

  1.   Technology producing material of special ultralow, extended linear permeability soft magnetic property
  2. Semi-plant prototype of manufacturing equipment realising the contents of Point 1
  3. Prototype toroid core product line of extended linear permeability
  4. Soft magnetic property qualification technology methodology for cores

The planned results of the project will ensure the following new market opportunities:

  1. Creating special amorph-nanocrystalline metal-metal composite structure by the thermal treatment of the metal alloy raw materials of different width
  2. It will become possible to set the soft magnetic properties more accurately with one order of magnitude in the ultralow range
  3. Ultralow permeability value (5000›)
  4. Extended linearity section, which allows approaching the limits of the theoretical soft magnetic property of the material group

According to our information this kind of procedures and equipment do not exist in Europe. This group of materials is still completely new, altogether only one company deals with similar materials in the world. The production of a material group of this extended linear property does not exist on the market at present. Therefore, the expected results of the project provide a unique opportunity for the production of special technological and electronical raw materials and products, with better parameters and smaller sizes than the present ones.

The toroid care prototype of extended linearity and ultralow permeability to be created may play an important role in a number of application areas, since this kind of electronification is of outstanding importance in reducing the mass and the size, and in respect of performance and signal electronics.

The specific results of the project may be used in the areas of the production of electronical raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, and they provide opportunities for penetrating new international market segments.

It is a novel element of the project that it introduces a new material group of extended linearity, ultralow permeability, which has better properties than the similar technologies and materials that are available on the market today.

The planned product group would be able to excellently fulfil the cores related expectations of the industrial players using soft magnet toroid cores. It is dimension efficient, and at the same time it meets the increasing performance expectations. During our previous researches we picked up contact with Chinese manufacturers, including a manufacturer who was specifically interested in our market related plans.

We set the target of reaching the entire vertical sector in the framework of the project, that is:

  1. New type of material thermal treatment technology level
  2. New type of prototype of semi-workshop manufacturing equipment
  3. New type of toroid core product group

The intellectual base of the project is ensured by our team of experts that has outstanding professional experience both on domestic and international level, and which achieved significant results in the area of this topic and its bordering areas. The sustainability of the project may be appropriately ensured thanks to the market relevance of the product portfolio to be developed. We also plan additional developments, which involve the areas of encapsulation and winding. We also plan to implement research in the areas of reutilising the waste materials.

The scientific uncertainty is not too high, since we already obtained basic research information in the framework of our own and international research.