Our company is working on metallurgy projects with a group of highly talented people. We have developed technologies, which enables us to produce low reluctance path soft magnetic cores in a wide range of sizes and soft magnetic properties from ultralow remanence (below 1-5 mT) to very high remanence (above 1.1 T with maximum saturation around 1.25 T).

All types feature low core loss and can be operated in high temperature up to 200°C. We can produce frequency and excitation independent cores up to 25 MHz and 85-90% excitation as well as very excitation sensitive cores with over few million times larger permeability comparing to air core coils for the VLF range.
We would like to continue this development extending both the saturation range as well as the operating frequency. Meanwhile we would like to support your development by supplying sample cores optimized to you applications, according to your requirement.

We would be happy to partner with and support you in the following application areas

  • High frequency power switching
  • High frequency high current measurement
  • Magnetic amplifiers and switches
  • High Q Filters
  • Low AC current detection
  • RF Transformers
  • Precision Transformers
  • Saturable reactors
  • Resonant circuits
Please feel free to contact us for further information!