Development of special, qualified production technology for new, linear iron cores,
procurement of 1 spectrometer, and 3 individually designed manufacturing- ring core winding equipment covering a wide dimension range.

The purpose of the project is to realise a complex vertical production scope, starting from materials science research up to the development of the prototypes of semi-plant manufacturing equipment, as well as the development of technologies and new product prototypes.


Name of beneficiary: Metalloexpert Szolgáltató Kft.

The amount of subsidy rounded to million or billion:39 million HUF

Extent of subsidy (%-ban) 50 %

Planned completion date of the project: DSeptember 30, 2018

Identification number of the project: GINOP-1.2.2-16-2017-01727


The planned results of the project will assure the following new market opportunity:

As a result of implementing the development it will be possible to cover or produce the interim range of parts manufactured, since we will be able to solve not only the higher level of processing – setting the heat treatment or the soft magnetic properties – but we will be able to solve the lower level processing of the parts as well, the geometric shaping of the parts will be also done in our facility. Therefore, we will not be dependent on the supply capacities of the other participants of the market, from the prices of the supplied raw materials, and from the quality of the composition of the material and the structure of the material. Through this it will be possible to reduce the manufacturing cost of the lower processing level.