Current leakage indicating core

A termék fő funkciója a villamos vezetőkben folyó áram jelzése, különös tekintettel olyan vezetőkre, ahol az átlagos, vagy névleges áramhoz képest nagyon kicsi áramfogyasztást szeretnénk észlelni.



The main function of the product is to indicate the current flowing in the electric conductors, with special regard to those conductors in which we would like to detect very small power consumption compared to the average or nominal current.


If there are cable sections in the buildings/courtyards, which may be sectioned remotely, then the question may be also raised, whether when I switch off the section or the main consumers, the consumption really drops below the expected level, or there are non-planned consumers as well. If we remotely switch on the consumers again, then the question may be also raised whether they will really start to consume power, or there is an improper operation situation (no operation).

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