Project Description

Manufacturing custom, special toroid cores

Development of and manufacturing of toroid cores

Our company has been dealing with the development and manufacturing of toroid cores that have ultrasoft magnetic properties. The ultrasoft adjective refers both to the performance loss of the developed soft magnetic material and to its softness. Another advantage of the record level low performance loss of the material developed by us, is its plannable and adjustable steepness and linearity concerning its hysteresis curve. Thanks to this property, we are able to prepare the material exactly for the given application. When developing our technology we tried to achieve that we should be able to implement manufacturing not only on the large scale but in small series as well, adapting our manufacturing process to the demands.

he areas of application are accordingly diverse:

  • Toroid windings for high frequency induction heating and melting
  • Power transmission
  • High frequency filtering coils
  • High frequency transformers
  • Sensors
  • Custom applications